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State of Origin Key:

A.C.T. = Australian Capital Territory
VIC. = Victoria
N.S.W. = New South Wales
QLD. = Queensland
WA. = Western
TAS. = Tasmania
NT. = Northern Territory

Australian States & Territories map

Eremophila maculata "Spotted Emu-Brush" Arid Outback

A compact rounded shrub 4'x4'. Narrow shiny green leaves and spotted long red tubular flowers winter and spring. Followed by glossy oval fruits. Grows well in light to medium soil in full sun or partial shade, an attractive rockery and tub plant. Well established in Phoenix gardens. Plant In clusters for best effect.

Eremophila maculata var pink lady

Similar to above Eremophila except with pink flowers and stems are more angular rather than a weeping effect. Very drought tolerant, rugged plant.

Eremophila glabra "Common Emu Bush" Arid Outback

Attractive shrub 5'x3' pointed foliage silvery gray. Tubular flowers yellowish green to red. Spectacular contrast of color, grows well in full or partial shade, useful specimen for rockery. Proven Arizona research.

Eucalyptus botryoides "Southern Mahogany" NSW,VIC

Large tree which grows to (120'). Base of trunk has rough, furrowed brown/gray bark. Upper branches are smooth and cream to gray. Cream flowers in summer. Koala browse.

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Eucalyptus brockwayii "Dundas Mahogany" WA

Quick-growing medium tree 30' tall and 15' wide. Shiny, green leaves, attractive trunk, scented,shade producing foliage. Feature tree at McCormick Railroad Xeriscape Arboretum. Proven drought and cold hardy residential tree. Skin like trunk.

Eucalyptus caesia "Silver Princess Gunngurru" WA

Small, weeping feature tree to 15' tall. Spectacular pink flower clusters hanging from white gum nuts. Burgundy branches, dark green spear shaped leaves with open habit. Attractive single specimen tree. Drought resistant, cold hardy. Produces same appearance as flowering weeping cherry. Ornamental. Cold tolerant.

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Eucalyptus camaldulensis var-obtusa "Murray River Red Gum" NSW & VIC

Hardy, fast-growing evergreen tree, growing 35'-100' tall with pendulous branches. Attractive white trunk. Good windbreak or screen on property lines. Tolerates desert heat. Establishes quickly. Koalas eat this widespread Australian species. Arizona parks feature tree. Cold tolerant.

Eucalyptus campaspe "Silver Topped Gimlet" WA

Attractive, medium height feature tree 30' tall and 15' wide. Grayish-white leaves, skin-like trunk. Yellow flowers in summer. Proven drought and cold hardy. Established on Shea Boulevard median. Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

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Eucalyptus cinerea "Argyle Apple" TAS

Small forest tree, Beechworth ,VIC. Attractive gray juvenile leaves. Quick-growing. White flowers in summer. Rough gray-grown bark. Strong eucalyptus scent. Useful as indoor potted plant, patio specimen in tubs. Cold tolerant.

Eucalyptus citriodora "Lemon Scented Gum Tree" VIC, NSW

Attractively slender, evergreen tree grows to 30'+ in sun belt zones. Perfect patio specimen. High open branching habit, skin-like white trunk, appearing ghost-like at night. Suited to coastal areas. Full sun, interiorscape feature. Single landscape specimen. Hardy in Phoenix, AZ, high heat and cold conditions (works well as parking lot shade producer). Well established on California highways as feature tree. Use at doorway entrances for attractive scent. A popular perennial; lemon scented summer foliage shrub 4'-6' high, in containers. Koala browse.

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Eucalyptus erthrocorys "Red Cap Gum - Illyarrie" WA

Quick growing with compact habit, growing to 25' high and 12' wide lush shiny, long green leaves, full, dense foliage. Attractive bright red caps pop open to bright yellow flower clusters in mid-summer. First introduced by Paul in 1991, this plant is now well established throughout Phoenix. Spectacular specimen growing on Squaw Peak freeway. Hardiness 18-122F medium stem damage in severe frost, re-growing quickly in spring. Use as small specimen residential shade tree. Excellent parking lot feature.

Eucalyptus erythronema var. marginata "Red Flowering Mallee" WA

Small flowering tree 15' tall, ornamental profuse red flowering specimen summer/fall; shiny green leaves. Featured in Phoenix loop freeways mixed with ghost gums. Smooth bark. Shiny green leaves. Works well in small residential gardens. Can be seen from the Phoenix loop freeway.

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Eucalyptus exima nana "Yellow Bloodwood" QLD

Open habit, small trunked tree. Strong limbs, suitable for koala swinging. Suitable low light interior potted feature, transfer outdoors for rejuvenation.

Eucalyptus ficifolia Red Flowering gum WA

Heavy crowned, rough barked tree which grows to 40 feet. Best known ornamental for its spectacular flowers. The color varies from vermillion through various shades of red to white.

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Eucalyptus flocktoniae Merritt SA

Slender tree up to 36 feet or a mallee of lesser height. Flowers are pale lemon and profuse. Hardy tree for most soils and dry or moderately dry conditions.

Eucalyptus formanii "Formans Mallee" WA

Attractive small tree 12'-25' tall, with distinctive and unusual foliage for a eucalyptus. Leaves are very narrow pale green wispy appearance. Conical buds, white/cream flowers occurring profusely in summer. A tree worth growing for its foliage, proven hardiness in Phoenix and Tucson.

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Eucalyptus forrestiana "Fuschia Gum" WA

Small tree (12' tall) with smooth gray-brown bark with pendulous red buds, Long peaks caps lift to expose bushy yellow tufts in winter. Proven specimen in Phoenix gardens. Red/yellow flowers shaped like a fuschia.

Eucalyptus globulus "Tasmanian Blue Gum" TAS & VIC

Koalas eat this quick growing evergreen. (30'-100') Pinch out tips to increase bushy growth. Strongly scented foliage. Plant in full sun best suited to doorway entrance. As an indoor plant, will grow in well lit, warm window. Water regularly and fertilize with Osmocote. Columbus Zoo Koala enclosure features the Tasmanian Blue Gum. Cold tolerant.

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Eucalyptus grandis "Flooded Gum" NSW, VIC

Noblest of the large eucalyptus. Timber tree which grows up to 200' tall and the trunk up to 10' in diameter. Leaves are dark green and shiny on top, paler beneath. Clusters of white blossoms in water. Koala browse Arizona property screen. Winter tree.

Eucalyptus gummifera "Red Bloodwood" NSW

Evergreen tree, conical shape, quick growing, with whitish gray leaves. Needs shelter during winter when grown in Midwest. Will tolerate any type of soil. Hedge or patio tub specimen. Indoor feature plant with strong scent. Cut stems for vase decorations. Repels bugs. Water regularly in pots as plant grows quickly in summer. The Columbus Zoo indoor koala exhibit features this plant.

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Eucalyptus gunnii "Cider Gum" TAS

Medium to tall tree.Hardy evergreen tree 60'-70' with upright habit. Circular gray leaves and twigs. Sometimes multi-trunked. Light reddish brown bark. Small cream flowers in spring and summer are followed by tiny goblet shaped seed capsules. Proven in Sedona. Preferred by florists for dried floral arrangements. Tip prune for bush effect. For authentic taste and smell, use stems and twigs on barbecue. Excellent windbreak or shade tree. Sun. Clip into hedge or for animal exhibit screen feature. Frost hardy eucalypt.

Eucalyptus lansdowneana Red Flowered Mallee Box WA

Thin stemmed, scraggly mallee 6-15 feet tall. Open crown that is finally pendulous. Adult leaves are long and often curved and very glossy green to yellow green. Flowers are bright red to pink in terminal clusters in umbels of seven.

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Eucalyptus lehmanii "Bushy Yate" SA

Fast growing street 20' tall with spreading habit. Unusual 4" green finger-like flowers followed by persistent fruit. Likes coastal areas. Thick, bushy habit. Useful flowering screen during summer.

Eucalyptus leucoxylon var. rosea "Pink Iron Bark" VIC

Medium sized woodland tree from Northern Victoria. Long, gray-green pendulous branches. Spear shaped leaves. Quick to establish producing abundant pink flower clusters. Rough bark, peeling to leave a smooth, white, yellow or blush surface. Hardy.

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Eucalyptus kruseana "Kruse's Bookleaf Mallee" WA

Straggly mallee or shrub 6'-10' tall, a small tree of bent or crooked nature. Smooth brown bark flakes to reveal smooth greenish brown fresh bark. A delightful foliage plant for the garden when clipped to a bushy form. Foliage is bluish gray with white flowers during fall and winter. An unusual, very attractive small mallee. Clustered among the leaves, the greenish yellow flowers appear in autumn and winter and combine with the grey-white, unopened conical buds to beautify the tree. It is easy to grow in most soils in areas of moderate to dry rainfall. Excellent specimen plant for prominent positions. Phoenix Desert Botanical garden features Kruse's mallee in the Australian Arboretum section.

Eucalyptus Moon Lagoon

An attractive small mallee of 4 to 12 feet tall. Leaves are dainty and bluish in color. Reddish orange seed caps open into masses of white flowers in late spring to summer. This unique plant tolerates temperature extremes from frosts to 120 degrees.

Eucalyptus mannifera "Brittle Gum" VIC

Quick growing tree which grows to 40'. Powdery whitish bark takes on orange-red tones in summer. Small creamy flowers in late spring to summer. Cold tolerant.

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Eucalyptus melliodora "Yellow Box" NSW

Large tree-60-100'. Distinctive orange-brown bark. Small cream flowers spring-fall. Best eucalypt for bee keepers.

Eucalyptus microcorys "Tallwood" NSW, QLD

Large erect tree. Can grow to 150' tall by 12' wide. Attractive patio specimen with a densely spreading crown, creamy white flowers and glossy reddish foliage. Prized for its timber.Koala browse.

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Eucalyptus microtheca "Coolabah" WA

Quick growing, hardy aromatic tree, growing to 40' tall. Dark green gray spear-shaped leaves and reddish tinge. Multi-planted for bushy effect. Use as planter specimen or indoors, the same as palms and fig. Attractive drooping branches. Well established in Phoenix as a park, residential and freeway feature tree. Resists wind breakage. Cold tolerant.

Eucalyptus neglecta "Snowy Mountain Omeo Gum" VIC

Bushy growth. Small tree 15-20'. Australian Embassy Garden, Washington DC. Full sun. Hardy in Arizona landscapes. Useful patio planter, small clipped hedge, Bonsai feature. Grows quick for a hedge effect. Train a central leader branch to form a tree. Winter hardy to -20F, will remain an evergreen in snow regions (Zones 5-6). Cold/snow tolerant.

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Eucalyptus nichollii "Willow Leafed Peppermint" VIC

Fast growing residential evergreen tree growing to 40' tall with weeping habit. Crushed leaves have peppermint aroma. Requires full sun. Full bush effect with pinching, reddish tinge to leaves, fine soft hanging foliage. Winter hardy to 18F, in zones 6 and 7 an evergreen. Well established in California landscapes. Tolerates low light conditions. Koala browse. Cold tolerant.

Eucalyptus nutans "Red Flowered Moort" WA

Small low bushy mallee 12'-15' tall x l2' wide. Small, dense, bushy crown and shiny dark green foliage. Excellent quick growing desert screen. Spring flowers dark red-cream anthers. Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens features this tree in its Australian section.

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Eucalyptus ovata "Swamp Gum" NSW, TAS

Medium sized tree to 30 feet tall. Flowers are white appearing from autumn to spring. Grows well in water-logged, mildly saline sites.

Eucalyptus papuana "Ghost Gum" Alice Springs in NT

Stately tall shade tree 40'-60', stark white smooth trunk with a ghostlike appearance at night.

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Eucalyptus perriniana "Spinning Top Gum" VIC, TAS

Hardy, small tree 15-25' x l2' ,with open, branching weeping habit. Winter hardy. Use stem for decorative foliage. Popular in hanging baskets. Smooth, bronze bark weathering to whitish green. Aromatic, gray leaves become detached and "spin" in the wind. White flower clusters in early fall. Perennial root system in snow regions re-shooting from ground stems early in spring. Cold and frost resistant.

Eucalyptus pauciflora spp niphophila "Australia Snow Gum" NSW, VIC, TAS

Snow hardy shrub/small tree 8-15'. One of the cold-tolerant Eucalypti being extremely hardy in freezing conditions. Grows 2-3' each year. Koalas eat these southern trees. Adult size in the Australian Alps is 15' tall with attractive mottled bark and twisting branches. Use as a specimen planted in perennial gardens, or as a lawn shrub/tree. Perfect northern specimen.Snow hardy.

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Eucalyptus platypus "Moort" WA

Quick-growing, small, wide-crown shade tree, 15' tall and 15' wide. Proven hard frost and drought resistant. Excellent for parking lots and residential. Featured tree at McCormick Railroad Xeriscape Arboretum in Scottsdale, AZ. Produces full crown of leaves creating full shade. Established Arizona State Parks specimen at Lake Havasu City office.

Eucalyptus priessiana "Bell Fruited Mallee" WA

A low straggly woody mallee shrub 6'-9' tall with smooth grey bark and large thick grey ovate leaves. Abundant large, bright yellow flowers in three flowered umbels, late winter to late spring. Bud caps attractive feature - well drained soils. Ornamental feature specimen.

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Eucalyptus propinqua "Small Fruited Grey Gum" NSW

Tree grows to 60' tall, for well drained soils. When all bark is shed the trunk assumes bright orange toning. Koala food tree.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta "Silver Leafed Mountain Gum" NSW

Multi-branched evergreen shrub or small tree. Grows 4-8' each summer from ground level. Popular in hanging baskets. Smooth bronze-gray bark. Attractive round gray-white flowers in late spring through summer. Gray stems used by florists nationwide, dyed red and blue or natural. Strong eucalyptus scent. Interior decoration. Plant in full sun. Pinch tips to enhance strong bushy growth. Cold tolerant.

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Eucalyptus polyanthemos "Silver Dollar Gum" VIC

Evergreen tree 30'-50' tall. Round young leaves become narrow on mature tree. Drought-resistant once established. Sun. Popular Australian shade tree.

Eucalyptus punctata "Grey Gum" NSW

Medium tree to 60' in good soil. Otherwise 24' to 30'. Valuable hard wood species. Large low branches; rounded crown. Can also be used as a decorative subject on rocky or stony sites. Cream flowers in summer and early fall. Koala browse.

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Eucalyptus pyriformis "Pear Fruited Mallee" WA

Tree like shrub of 10-20'. Showy, large clusters of flowers, which can be red, pink, orange, yellow or cream. Collector's item. Good performance in dry or sandy soil.

Eucalyptus radiata "Narrow Leafed Peppermint" NSW

Small to medium sized woodland tree. Tablelands of NSW and sub~coastal areas of Eastern Victoria. Thin green leaves with strong peppermint smell when crushed. White flowers spring-summer. Koala browse.

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Eucalyptus regnans "Mountain Ash" VIC,TAS

Magnificent specimen which is the tallest hardwood tree in the world--over 320'. Valued for its timber, but seldom cultivated.

Eucalyptus rhodantha "Rose Mallee" Outback WA

Sprawling plant 12' tall by 9' wide. Pink to red flowers tipped with gold. Mainly seen in spring and summer. Rare and endangered species

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Eucalyptus robusta "Swamp Mahogany" NSW, QLD

Decorative tree which grows 60-70' tall with a trunk up to 3' in diameter. Cream flowers in spring. Great for shade and screening in large scale planting. Koala browse.

Eucalyptus rudis "Desert Gum" WA

Evergreen tree to 80'. Round leaves become narrow with age. Provides shade or windbreak. Tolerates desert heat. Becomes chlorotic with age.

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Eucalyptus saligna "Sydney Bluegum" NSW

Tall, stately tree over 100' tall. Excellent koala browser for zoos.

Eucalyptus salmonophlia "Salmon Gum" WA

Ornamental tree 60' with smooth salmon colored bark and narrow, shiny, green leaves-small fruits and buds resemble very small lemons. Prefers alkaline dry loams. Well-established feature tree at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior Arizona.

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Eucalyptus salubris "Gimlet Gum" WA

An outstanding tree 40' with smooth, brown fluted trunk. Shiny dark-green leaves and oval buds. Drought and frost resistant. Grows well in heavy dry soils.

Eucalyptus sargentii "Salt River Mallee" WA

Small tree 25' upright trunk covered in dark gray or black bark. Proven hardy in Arizona research salt tolerant.

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Eucalyptus sideroxylon rosea "Red Ironbank; Mugga" NSW, QLD

Thirty to sixty-five feet tall depending on soil conditions. Black bark, deeply furrowed --never sheds. Showy pale pink to near crimson flowers. Long flowering period form spring to autumn. Proven cold hardy up to 4000'. (Santa Catalina Mts.) Koala browse. Cold tolerant.

Eucalyptus socialis Red Mallee WA

Multistemmed mallee of 20 feet tall. Light canopy of greyish leaves. Yound branchlets are red. Flowering profuse with pale yellow stalked umbrels. Good honey tree; xeriscape.

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Eucalyptus spathulata "Swamp Mallee" WA

Fast growing compact tree 20'-25' skin like smooth trunk. Features very fine, silky foliage full shady canopy. Small white flowers in summer. Excellent specimens planted along Shea Blvd in Phoenix, hardy in full sun. Keep moist, useful residential shade tree.

Eucalyptus stoatei "Pear Gum" WA

Slender 12-18' tree. Red to greenish-yellow pear shaped buds. Flowers mainly in summer. Grows in gravelly or sandy soil. Rare tree.

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Eucalyptus tereticomis "Forest Red Gum" QLD, NSW,VIC

Koalas love to eat this quick growing medium to tall tree 30'-100'x 2O'-40' wide with straight trunk. Strong eucalyptus scent. Zoo exhibits. Hardy even in Las Vegas winters. Attractive red tips to new leaf growth. Arizona gardeners use as quick shade. Property fence-lines. Low water user xeriscape. Perfect big screen for desert areas. Cold tolerant.

Eucalyptus torquata "Coral Gum" WA

Abundant, long flowering small to medium tree, 15-30'. Spectacular clusters of pink flowers are long flowering through spring and summer. Popular residential and freeway planting tree. Quick to establish. Phoenix streets and freeways now feature this proven hardy specimen. Tight growth, olive green colored foliage with attractive reddish stems and grows close to the ground. Eucalyptus torwood Spontaneous hybrid between E. torquata and E. woodwardii. Usually small to medium tree. Variations according to parent seed. Noted for prolific and showy flowers which are yellow to yellow orange. Hardy, rapid growing. thrives in low to moderate rainfall.

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Eucalyptus viminalis "Manna Gum" VIC

Tall tree, up to 180'. Decorticating bark. Small white flowers in summer through autumn. Favored food tree of the koala. Good shade tree.

Eucalyptus woodwardii "Lemon Flowered Gum" Kalgoorile-WA

Attractive drought tolerant tree. 30' excellent residential flowering specimen producing frosted white flower buds and large clusters of cascading brilliant yellow flowers. Desert Botanical Garden has been developing this hardy specimen tree since early 1980's. Weeping grey foliage.

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Geijera parviflora Australian Willow QLD

Hardy, willow-like tree with attractive weeping crown canopy. Abundant yellow-white flowers in spring. Well established, hardy, drought and frost resistant tree growing throughout Phoenix, the San Diego Zoo and California freeways. Popular with landscape designers.

Grevillea 'Canberra' rosmarinifolis Spider Flower ACT

Evergreen shrub 6-8' tall with open, arching habit. Red flower clusters bloom continuously. Sunny position. Use as clipped hedge for animal enclosures. Plant in clusters for best effect.

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Grevillea spp. Gaudi Chaudi ACT,NSW

Hardy evergreen dwarf shrub, grows 6'-12' in height, Red flowers bloom continuously through spring and summer. Sunny position.

Grevillea spp. Bronze Rambler ACT,NSW

Hardy evergreen shrub with bronze tips, ground crawler. Grows to 6' in height. Winter hardy; excellent ground cover.

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Grevillea spp. "Honey Gem" QLD

Tall, 6-12' attractive weeping shrub. Feather like gray foliage. Produces large orange toothbrush shaped blossoms filled with nectar, spring through summer. Excellent tropical feature specimen. Patio-whisky barrel container. Humming bird attractive. Zoo exhibits with Australian birds frequently use honey gem.

Grevillea bipinnatifida x G. banksii Superb QLD

Attractive small shrub, 3-5' tall by 4' wide. Tight silky oak foliage. Year round abundant flowers. Popular full sun rockery specimen and patio tubs. Low water user. Large orange flower spikes. Attracts hummingbirds.

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Grevillea robusta Silky Oak QLD

Fast-growing evergreen tree to 80' tall. Pyramidal form when young, orange flowers. Good shade. Hardy. Sun. Coastal, drought resistant. Established residential landscapes in California, Arizona and Florida.

Hardenbergia violacea "'Happy Wander' Native Wisteria" WA

Quick growing evergreen ground cover creeper 6"x12'. Shades of bright purple blossoms hanging in clusters. Profuse purple flowers in late winter. Train on fence or arbor. Tolerates sun and wind. Espalier. Shiny green leaves. Grown in cold areas. Indoor plants work best trained to windows and in hanging baskets. Winter hardy outdoors to 18F in zones 6 and 7. Excellent screen, ground cover creeper. Clipped formal hedge. First introduced by Paul, now largely grown in California and Arizona. Popular in hanging baskets. Used around summer porches and Arizona rooms.

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Helichrysum bracteatum Straw Flower WA

Ever-lasting daisy. Annual duster plant 18", abundant multi-colored daisy like flower heads. Long lasting blooms, spring through summer. Excellent for rockery border planting in mass blocks.

Kennedia coccinea Coral Vine WA

A vigorous rambler prostrate to the ground 4x15' wide. Will trail over retaining banks, masses of tomato-red pea shaped flowers in spring. Grows in partial shade or full sun in well-drained soil. Proven, hardy Arizona lawn substitute.

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Kennedia nigricans Black Coral Pea WA

Most vigorous climber or fast spreading ground yellow cover 4" tall 12'-15' spread. Large dark green three lobed bean like leaves. Black and yellow pea flowers, spring and summer. Withstands periods of drought and desert frosts. Substitute for a lawn. Tolerates shade. Proven hardy in Las Vegas. Excellent freeway embankment or potted tub specimen. Cold tolerant.

Kennedia prostrata Running Postman WA

Trailing species which spreads to about 5 feet. Flowers profusely with cheery bright red blooms. Kunzea ambigua

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Leptospermum scoparium spp. Helene Stribing Tea Tree NSW

Evergreen shrub to 6' tall with gray-green needle-like foliage. Single, dark pink flowers. specimen, Sun. Patio or tub specimen. Desert appearance.

Leptospermum scoparium spp. 'Martinii' New Zealand Tea Tree NSW

Evergreen Shrub to 6' tall with needle-like foliage. Double pink flowers along branches. Drought tolerant once establishied. Full sun. Prune to re-shape.

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Lepospermum scoparium spp. 'Ruby Glow' Tea Tree NSW

Evergreen shrub 8-8' tall with bronze foliage. Plant is covered in double bright red flowers in spring, Sun. Feature entrance planter.

Melaleuca alternifolia Medicinal Tea Tree Oil NSW

Quick growing shrub, with lush, scented foliage. 2-4' tall herbaceous perennial in mid-western gardens. Leaves are crushed to separate medicinal oils. Pinch out tips for lush, bush growth. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Keep moist in well-drained soil. Winter hardy to 28F in zone 7, an evergreen. Ancient aboriginal remedy for many skin irritations. Perfect tub patio planter specimen.

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Melaleuca diosmifolia Green Honey Myrtle WA

Quick to establish evergreen bush will reach 4-6' tall and 6' wide with dense, lime-green, pine-like foliage. Lime green flowers, patio or garden border. Bird attracting. Animal exhibit fence screen. Attractive hedge, tub specimen. Full sun. San Diego Zoo Koala Exhibit features this interesting, sun-loving shrub. First introduced to America by Paul in 1982. Winter hardy.

Melaleuca elliptica Granite Honey Myrtle WA

Attractive, hardy erect shrub. Medium size (6'-10' tall; 4-6' wide). Bule/gray green elliptical leaves. New growth has reddish tips. Dark red flowers over a long period of time, spring-fall. Quick growing. Favors dry soils in full sun. Useful for background screens or feature rockery specimen. San Diego Zoo Koala enclosure and Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens have been developing this plant since 1982.

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Melaleuca glomerata Desert Honey Myrtle Inland Paperbark SA

Small tree or shrub growing from 9 to 30 feet with whitish, papery bark. creamy yellow flowers appear in profusion usually in late spring.

Melaleuca hypericafolia Ulladulla Beacon VIC

Upright shrub 4-6' tall. Soft gray small leafed foliage, 2'-3' in height. Red flowers in spring. Excellent driveway border plant, patio tub specimen. Quick growing, cold hardy accent plant.

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Melaleuca megacephala Greenough Gold Honey Myrtle WA

Hardy small-medium shrub 4'-8' with stiff branches. Prune to shape or let grow natural. Large globular yellow, flower heads conspicuous above the foliage mid spring through summer. Excellent low maintenance shrub very low water-salt tolerant all soils. Proven Arizona hardiness. First introduced in 1980 in Scottsdale road median opposite Borgata.

Melaleuca fulgens Scarlet Honey Myrtle WA

A woody erect shrub 3'-1 0' tall x 4'-6' wide open habit suited for a background flowering screen flowers. Attractive scarlet blossoms.

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Melaleuca incana Yellow Honey Myrtle VIC

Small rounded habit shrub, soft weeping gray foliage, 4-6' in height. Yellow flower balls in spring. Excellent driveway border plant, patio tub specimen. Quick growing, accent plant. Cold hardy.

Melaleuca leucadendra Weeping Paperbark Qld

Large tree, to 60 feet but sometimes larger. Thick, robust trunk with somewhat of a weeping habit of the thinner branches. Flowers are fragrant, cream colored and attract birds and bees.

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Melaleuca linarifolia Narrow-leaved Paperbark SA

Low branced tree, normally 18-30 feet high. dense canopy of foliage. Flowers are prominent, snow white, covering the entire tree in late spring.

Melaleuca nesophila Showy Honey Myrtle WA

Large dense shrub or small tree with branches at or near ground level. Flowers are deep violet to purplish pink, tipped with yellow anthers in late spring and summer.

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Melaleuca radula "Graceful Honey Myrtle" WA

Open, woody, erect or spreading shrub. Grows 3-6 feet high. Flowers are mauve, violet, pink or white mainly July-September.

Melaleuca uncinata Broombush All States

Broom-like shrub 3-6 feet tall with numerous ascending branches. Flowers are cream to yellow, sometimes orange, and occur mainly in spring. Makes a good hedge fence.

Melaleuca violacea "Violet Honey Myrtle" WA

Small, sprawling shrub, 3-6"x3-6". Leaves are greyish green, pine like. Purple/violet flowers during September to October. Melaleuca wilsonii Wilson's Violet Honey Myrtle SA, VIC A low woody, spreading shrub with lance like leaf and crowded clusters of bright mauve-pink flowers in spring. Attractive specimen around ponds, rockeries, small garden beds, patio planters.

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Myoporum parvifolium Creeping Boobialla WA

Ground cover-matting plant. Evergreen with soft foliage and white flowers. Quick growing, drought and frost resistant. Useful in embankment situations, rockery specimen. Well established as Arizona xeriscape ground cover.

Pandorea jasminoides Bower Vine QLD, NSW

Creeper, vine, shiny green foliage. Hardy in cool conditions, pink trumpet flowers, scented spring. Attractive indoor climber, tropical foliage.

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Pandorea jasminoides Charisma QLD, NSW, ACT

Quick-growing climber with shiny green-variegated leaves, Attractive large, tubular pink flowers in spring through summer, jasmine scented. Popular tub specimen, fence-like hedge, rockery creeper. Establishes well in full sun, also cold weather. (Phoenix summers).

Polygala x dalmansia Sweet Pea Shrub WA

Evergreen shrub in warm climates to 5' tall with 5' spread. Purple flowers. Prune to keep compact. Sun or partial shade. Hardy clipped hedge.

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Pittosporum tenuifolium nigricans NSW

Fast growing evergreen shrub to 30' tall. Dark purple flowers. Excellent screen. Tolerates coastal areas. Sun to partial shade.

Ravenea rivularis Majesty Palm QLD

Lush tropical indoor plant. Grows well in low light area. Fertilize regularly with soluble liquid nitrogen, such as osmocote slow release. Quick growing, producing shining green fronds every month. Water regularly in well-drained soil.

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Scaevola x 'mauve clusters' "Fan Flowers" WA

Evergreen perennial in warm climates from 3-5' tall with 4-6' spread. Blue flowers. Tolerates mild frost and drought, sun, University of California ,Santa Cruz introduction.

Sollya heterophylla "Australian Bluebell Creeper" WA

Evergreen shrub in warm climates from 2-3' tall. Spreading habit. Blue blossom. Likes good drainage. Sun or partial shade.

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Westringia fruiticosa variegata Westringia - Australian Rosemary ACT

Shrub 18"-2' tall. Compact growth habit, attractive variegated golden/green pine like foliage. Hardy full sun in Phoenix and also withstands cold, and frosts. Useful driveway border, patio planter.

Wodyetta bifurcata Foxtail Palm Cape York; QLD

Slender feather leaves palm with jagged tipped leaflets. Radiating out from the fronds in all directions arching like a fox's tail. Excellent poolside specimen. Grows well in Phoenix gardens. Keep moist. Well drained, mulched soil, fertilize regularly for best foliage color.

Xanthorea preissii Black Boy WA

Ornamental grass. Slow growing. Rare and unusual black flower spike in summer. Perfect rockery speciman for desert garden.

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